The Broadcast TV

In Latin America the broadcast television works as a role more significant as an entertainment and information media than in other regions of the world. And that is because it has a wide penetration across all socioeconomic levels, rather than others medias. The broadcast television has always been an important part of the social and family relations, including as an important tool for socio-cultural development. The relevance of the broadcast TV for public is set by the quality of its content production and the implemented of technological advances to enhance the experience in front of the TV. This relevance, as the measurement model, consolidated as the ideal place for advertisers, able to produce unparalleled results for the same advertising media.

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The Broadcast TV keeps on growing

Even if more and more new media devices appear, television remains an important and safe communication tool that still in progress...

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Emering Markets

The global ad spending in recent years had a positive and growing results due to emerging countries: Latin America, Central/Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific and Africa were the main drivers of...

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Developing Talents

The content produced in Latin America has the quality and ability to influence the life and the culture of the people of a region.

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Digital TV

The Digital TV implementation represents an innovative and creative advance on broadcast television, offering consumers a new vision of what the TV is...

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In the last years because of the constant technological innovation had occurred a fast transformation in how the media industry works, the media are becoming increasingly interactive with each other...

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The development of the communication industry is in a process of transformation, one of the objectives of the Centro Internacional de Televisión Abierta...

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